Welcome to NightFox.tech!

This site is going to highlight my personal tech projects as well as just be a resource for others. You can read my blog here. While this site may seem like it's lacking right now, I am slowly working on building it out. You can always check the What's New? page to see what has been added and when. Additionally, I've added a last modified date to the bottom of every page. While I try not to keep content stale, you can be for certain by checking the date.

This site is also my PHP playground. I've had an on again/off again relationship with PHP over the years and lately I've been trying to buckle down and learn it more so I can develop the software that I want to make. If you see something not right, well, that's probably because I messed it up and I'll fix it.

I am not a web designer. I cannot make anything look "good". There's a reason why I ended up using bootstrap for this website. Thank you, Twitter!

You can follow me on the NodeSpace Mastodon server: @travis@nodespace.social. If you're curious about Mastodon and how to get started, I wrote a guide to help you get started!

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