NightFox Hey, my name is Travis and this is my little slice of the internet. You might be wondering about "nightfox" and what it means. It's actually pretty interesting. When I came up with the screenname, I believe it was in 2005, it was because I was (and still am) a night owl and fox is because I am quite sly like a fox and can sneak around pretty well. I've been told multiple times I need to wear a bell around my neck. ;-) If you see any other nightfoxes on the internet, they're imposters. nightfox818 was my AOL screenname for a long time. I have no clue what the 818 is. I think I just grabed some numbers - they mean nothing!

I've been working in tech since 2005, but playing with technology since 2003 when I discovered the Internet. It was also around this time I got into how to build websites. They looked worse than this one. :)

Here's some of the tech I work with:

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